An Experiment That Settles The Speaker Wire Controversy

Published: 02nd June 2011
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The truth of many remarks by many of the expensive speaker wire manufacturers has become a seriously debated subject matter. A good procedure to make sure that you have a decreased resistance cable is to purchase a thicker speaker wire. the lesser the gauge the heavier the wire is. You will want to get a heavier or lower gauge wire for longer cable runs. For instance, for a run of 50 ft or less, 16 gauge speaker wire should have absolutely no difficulties with signal quality. 12 or 16 gauge wire is excellent for many runs unless it is incredibly long. I normally only use 12 gauge for everything when I can - simply to be safe

What to watch out for When Selecting Speaker Cable

  • A word of recommendation with connecting sound systems should be to run the three of the front speakers using the same length speaker cable given that it will keep the resistance exactly the same..

  • When installing speaker wire throughout the wall, never use bare wire. It is highly recommended that you choose CL2 or UL rated wire.. It will make certain you easily pass building code reports. Not likely, nevertheless it's much better to be on the safe side. Extremely unlikely, on the other hand do yourself a big favor and use CL2 certified wire.

  • Use terminating ends - connecters like banana plugs will always be better than basic wire. They make it a lot easier to plug the wire in and even give a substantially higher quality setup. If it is not banana plugs, you could solder the ends of the wire.

Does "Oxygen Free" imply it's a better wire?
Many branded speaker cable businesses really like to punch the label "Oxygen-free" on their fancy wire . The truth is, oxy-free or not will never result in the smallest variation. Truthfully, removing the oxygen also dissipates on the purity of iron and then slightly improves the level of resistance. In other words, oxygen free line and usual wire is really not diverse enough to provide any importance.

Tips on how to Connect Speaker Wire
Hooking up speaker wire is not difficult - all you really need to do is match up. It truly is fairly typical for one particular wire to be marked and another clear. Apart from the markings, each wires are the exact same. The aim of the marked part is to try to make sure it happens to be connected to the right side. An example can be to connect the labeled end in the black terminal on the amp and then the exact same labeled wire to the black terminal of the loudspeaker.

Would you like to know what sounds better comparing a seriously publicized trademark speaker wire versus a lamp wire?

They used a 16awg name brand speaker wire as well as a 16 gauge copper lamp cord wire along with a room packed with consumers not knowing that the cords were being switched. Whenever the conumers were asked which wire sounded better, they were not able to differentiate.

At this moment let me tell you the biggest recommendation of all. Do a search online for speaker wire, it's easy to discover a number of website that provide them at discount prices, and function just as well. the site I like to shop for speaker wire is at

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